Beata Guzik


After working in international organizations, varying from telecommunications and banking to the field of security, and the public sector, more specifically in spatial planning, finances and civil engineering, Beata Guzik made the step towards the legal world. As a member of several multidisciplinary teams of attorneys at different law firms, boutique and big, speaking various EU languages, Beata gained knowledge in a variety of practice areas, such as EU regulatory and public affairs.

With 20 years of experience, Beata is a.o. involved in many business areas as a lawyer and public affairs expert. She is following up EU regulatory developments and EU court cases. Moreover, in the EU energy sector she works on FIT for 55, renewable energy, climate change and circular economy questions.

Her professional responsibilities also cover the positioning of clients to decision-makers in the EU and advising them in both reinforcing and enhancing their presence in the Brussels EU area. Furthermore, Beata conducts legislative research to write legal articles published in industry magazines and legal publications, and she’s the editor of legal newsletters too.

Beata Guzik


  • Panathlon International EU Brussels, Board Member

Selection of recent publications

“AI and Lotteries: The Multi-disciplinary Roadmap into the Future”, Article in the Public Gaming International, February/March 2020, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

“Chapter II: Gambling and European Law in the Book Gambling Law Review”, 2017, published by Law Business Research Ltd, London editor C. Rohsler, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck, R. Verbeke, Justine Van den Bon.

“The Pioneering Role of Lotteries in CSR”, Public Gaming International, March/April 2017, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

“The Impact of Brexit on Gambling: The Gibraltar gambling case”, Public Gaming International, January/February 2017, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

“Contributing to the future of the world”, Public Gaming International, November/December 2016, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

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“Addressing the Potential Conflict Between Competition Law and Gambling Policy Through Education”, Magazine of the European Lotteries, September 2015, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

“Defending the principles of the government gaming model”, Public Gaming International,
May/June 2016, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

“A Sustainable Gambling Policy for the Benefit of Society in Europe”, Public Gaming International, May/June 2015, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck and Bart Van Vooren.

“2013 SMART-TECH Presentation: Universal principles for lotteries”, Public Gaming International, May/June 2013, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

“The New FATF Recommendations on Combating Money Laundering in the Gambling Sector: The need for lotteries to take the lead in the debate”, Public Gaming International, March/April 2013, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

“The Future of Lotteries & Social Media: Working on the natural alliance?”, Public Gaming International, October 2012, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

“Gambling in the EU: Now is the time for lotteries to show vision and leadership”, Public Gaming International, May/June 2012, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck and D. Orabona.

“Lotteries and Internet: What about Social Media?”, Public Gaming International, March 2012, co-authored with Philippe Vlaemminck.

Selection of recent speaking engagements

“Free movement of persons (workers and citizens) in the EU, COVID-19 measure” webinar in cooperation with Belgian Business Chamber in Poland, June 2020

“Belgium Gambling Commission: functions, objectives, and practices to license and control operator” at a conference “Gambling in Ukraine: learning from the international experiences” in Kyiv, January 2020

“Ban on gambling ads, how to successfully deal with marketing restrictions”, EL/WLA Marketing Seminar in London, 2019

“Societal Marketing & Social Innovation”, EL/WLA Marketing Seminar in London, 2018

“Social innovation” at the Innovation Seminar dedicated to African Lotteries Association in Casablanca, May 2017

“Food Waste and Circular Economy” at the conference organized by Food Banks Federation in Warsaw, February 2017
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“Social Innovation, Urban Development & Innovation” panel at the Economic Forum in Krynica, 2016

“EU circular economy policy” at QED Circular Economy seminar in Brussels, May 2016

“Capitalizing on new media channels – marketing to a new world” panel at the Global Lotteries Executive Summit in Barcelona, July 2012

“The Road to Liberalization and Harmonization – When, Where and How?” panel at the Global Lotteries Executive Summit in Barcelona, July 2012

“Lotteries & Social Media the New Challenges” at European Legal Affairs Seminar in Warsaw, June 2012

“Social Media for the European Lotteries: Building Social Authority” at a Social Media Forum in Munich, May 2012

“Social Media and Lotteries”, The European Lotteries seminar, workshop for non-EU Members in Baku, April 2012

“Eastern European Gaming” summit in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2014 – 2015


  • European University of Law and Administration, Warsaw & Brussels
    Master of Law
  • Warsaw University of Technology
    Postgraduate Studies of Historic Cities: Preservation and Conservation of Urban Heritage
  • Warsaw University of Life Sciences
    Master of Science in Spatial Planning and Bachelor of Engineering


  • English – advanced
  • Polish – native
  • Dutch – basic
  • French – basic

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